Turkish Language Courses

The Turkish Language is a member of Altaic family of languages originated in The Altai Mountain Range in Northern Siberia centuries ago. Its grammatical structure is characterized by agglutination, vowel harmony and consonant mutation. Contrary to English, Turkish language is gender free and there are no verbs like ‘to be’ and ‘to have’ nor a definite article. Suffixes, attached to the end of a word, whether noun or verb, add to the word’s meaning. The word order in a sentence is S+O+V.

Turkish language courses are divided into three parts as Beginner Levels (A1, A2), Intermediate Level (B1, B2), and Advanced Level (C1, C2) to students aged 10 and above. The Turkish courses aim to provide students with an understanding of Turkish language. Students learn Turkish by combining structural grammar and vocabulary in a communicative and cultural context. By the end of each level students will be able to speak and write in Turkish; comprehend what they hear and read materials relevant to their levels of Turkish.

Turkish / English Translation

We offer translation services in English to Turkish and Turkish to English and provide highest quality service. The translation services include the followings:

About Us

Having graduated with a BA degree in English Language and Literature in Istanbul University, Asuman started working as an English language lecturer at Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey. Meanwhile she obtained an MA degree in Educational Supervision in Yildiz Technical University and an MA degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Bilkent University.

During her teaching she also held administrative posts such as academic coordinator and assistant director of School of Foreign Languages. After 17 years of helping young learners with English, Asuman moved to London with her family and started her own business as an education consultant. Her role includes giving professional advice about British boarding schools, language schools, and summer courses to international students and providing education guardianship services. As a native speaker of Turkish and many years of teaching experience she also gives Turkish lessons and translation services in north London.